North Carolina


Education achievements

Walter Dalton has been a leader in improving education, looking for innovative ways to help students learn the skills they need to succeed in today’s economy. His work includes:

  • Pushing to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education to give North Carolina a competitive edge in the global economy.

  • Writing the Innovative Education Act to create unique learning opportunities such as early colleges to help students get an early start on job training and college credits.

  • Passing laws to strengthen character education, school safety, and accountability in our schools.

  • Increasing funding for community colleges and universities so more students could pursue higher education.

  • Chairing the Senate Education Committee, where he helped lead efforts to raise teacher standards and pay, reduce class sizes, and increase accountability.

Jobs achievements

North Carolina’s business-friendly climate, its support of university research and higher education, and its highly skilled workforce are among the many assets that make our state a great place to live and do business. 

  • As a small business owner, Walter Dalton understands the needs of the business community. He has supported economic development efforts and small businesses throughout his time in elective office. He pushed legislation to create the Joining Our Business and Schools (JOBS) Commission, which is establishing innovative high schools to further unite the goals of education and economic development so that students graduate ready for the jobs of the future and industry benefits from a prepared workforce.

  • Walter Dalton has helped businesses and working families endure tough economic times. He set up a loan fund so small businesses could keep their doors open.

  • For displaced workers affected by the manufacturing decline, Walter Dalton fought to develop training programs to help them learn new skills for new jobs, and a foreclosure-protection plan to help them keep their homes.

  • Walter Dalton is the Chair of the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center’s New Generation Initiative, which is working to foster young leaders and businesspeople in the state’s small towns.

  • He supported incentives that led to the creation of thousands of jobs for our state’s citizens.

  • As Chair of the state’s Logistics Task Force, Walter Dalton is working to support employers and industries by improving the way people, goods and information move throughout the state.

Health Care achievements

  • Walter Dalton has been a consistent leader in providing access to quality health care for all North Carolinians.

  • As a state senate Appropriations Chair, Dalton helped establish our state’s landmark investment in cancer research and a state-of-the-art public cancer hospital. He successfully fought for increased health care funding for low income children and for funds to help senior citizens gain access to more affordable prescription drugs. He also worked to extended tax credits to small businesses that provide health insurance to their employees.

  • Dalton understands the health care challenges of our rural areas and helped secure funding for rural health centers, free clinics, health departments and small rural hospitals to improve access to health care and preventative medicine.   

Environmental achievements

Walter Dalton knows that North Carolina’s natural beauty is part of what makes our state so attractive to businesses and residents. That’s why he has always fought for balanced environmental initiatives that help preserve North Carolina’s natural gifts for future generations to enjoy. His work includes: 

  • Adding Chimney Rock – a North Carolina landmark – to the state park system, for which he was just nominated for the National Lieutenant Governors Association's Public Leadership in Energy and Environmental Stewardship Award.

  • Protecting the Clean Water Management Trust Fund which has helped improve water quality and preserve environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Enlarging state park areas and wildlife game lands to boost the tourism, hunting and recreation industries in North Carolina.

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